Listen – A song written by Laura-Beth Salter, co arranged with Ali Hutton and Andrea Gobbi
Laura-Beth Salter – Voice and tenor guitar
Ali Hutton – Synth
Andrea Gobbi – Electronics

The Beautiful Cold – A melody written by Ali Hutton and co arranged with Laura-Beth Salter, Patsy Reid, Innes Watson and Andrea Gobbi.

Ali Hutton – Guitar, Synth Bass
Laura-Beth Salter – Mandolin
Innes Watson – Tenor Guitar
Patsy Reid – Fiddle
Paul Jennings – Drums

God’s Golden Eyes – A song by John Hiatt. Arranged by Laura-Beth Salter and Ali Hutton
Laura-Beth Salter – voice
Ali Hutton – Guitar

All tracks produced by Ali Hutton, Laura-Beth Salter and Andrea Gobbi
Tracks mixed by Andrea Gobbi and Ali Hutton
Mastered by Barry Reid