From the Ground Debut EP – BEGINNINGS

This is the music that we share. The common ground found between two musicians from very different musical upbringings. These tracks encapsulate the music that brought us together and inspired us to give life to this project. This music is a snapshot of our musical beginnings. The roots of our musical exploration into the world around us. These are the seeds from which our music will grow……From the Ground!

Ali Hutton – Treacherous Orchestra, Ross & Ali (SYMBIOSIS), Old Blind Dogs

Laura-Beth Salter – The Shee, Jenn & Laura-Beth, Kinnaris Quintet

This EP is a taster of a musical journey that has been slowly taking form over the last five years, with the vision that it will continually grow and develop organically. The tracks ‘Listen and ‘The Beautiful Cold’ feature long time collaborators Andrea Gobbi, Patsy Reid and Innes Watson. ‘Gods Golden Eyes’ is as stripped back song featuring Ali and Laura Beth. These tracks, in their current incarnation showcase where the project began and the direction in which it is heading. This is merely a hint at whats to come.

“We have a lot of yet unreleased tracks, but we have taken our time to develop them, and create our sound. A lot of our influence comes from our surroundings using soundscapes to tell a story – we want each track to paint a picture. Each piece of music has taken a long time to develop, but still has space to continue its journey. I don’t really feel like anything is really finished – ever, and I’m ok with that and excited to get some of this music out there .’’ – Laura-Beth Salter